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We wish to thank all our loyal Green Light Café customers who have supported us both in our Asheville and Black Mountain restaurant locations. Due to the increasing demand for our catering services and festival participation, we feel it necessary to focus on those aspects of our business.


- Shanon & Mike Blair


Originating in 1998 in Black Mountain, The Green Light Café focuses on providing delicious, healthy meals for the conscious palate.  Our fresh, prepared to order ingredients are supplied by local growers and distributers contributing to the well-being of a larger community.


The Green Light Café also has a mobile catering vegetarian/vegan kitchen. Our kitchen is now available for on-site or off-site preparation for events or festivals of all types. We can accomodate any special dietary equirements...just ask.  No job too small...just give us a call!


Yes, the Green Light is "GREEN"!

*Our produce is supplied by a co-op of local and semi-local organic farmers near our home.  Upon restocking on the road, we make an effort to work with organic farmers local to the corresponding area of the event.  Local food=thousands of miles fresher.

*We use 100% compostable paper bowls and plates, corn starch cups, corn starch straws, potato starch plasticware, and bio-degradable dish soaps.

*Our kitchen trailer is towed to your festival via diesel truck powered by biodiesel and/or recycled vegetable oil.

*We carry out all recyclables we bring into your festival if this service is not provided by the festival.

*We carry out all kitchen compost which will be recycled into an organic garden likely to supply vegetables for future festivals.

As in our everyday lives, we make an effort each step of the way to make our carbon footprint as tiny as possible.